Have you ever noticed that designer brands will bring out their summer collection far earlier than the sun appears?
They are more concerned with getting their collection out so they can work on the next that they ignore any practicality of when is appropriate.
Have you also realised that they make you believe you need an entire new wardrobe for each season and your old clothes you bought a couple of months ago just won’t do? Before you’ve gotten your wear out of an item they’re telling you now to wear something else.
We are very passionate here at Simon + Simon about long lasting style and quality. We are also sensible in bringing in a season in line with when the season actually begins. We won’t tell you that you need shorts when you actually want a cable knit.
Now this isn’t a unique or modern strategy of ours, it just simply makes sense. We are here to simplify and redefine men’s fashion so you can enjoy wearing your clothes again.
We will offer suggestions for Spring that will compliment the weather, such as our pique, but don’t be startled when you see the same piece being offered in our winter range too. We say, you know that top you bought a few months ago? Why don’t you layer it up now with a Cardigan for the winter.
Versatility is key, if you get your wardrobe right first time around, it should be interchangeable for every season. That’s why you will find that our store is one staple wardrobe of pieces every gent should not be without. Our neutral yet complimentary colours mean the number of outfits you can mix and match are endless.