The legendary Steve Jobs said that he wore the same outfit everyday to save his emotional energy for the important things in his day. Complimenting his trademark roll neck were his beloved sneakers.

Wearing trainers for work, as we here do most days, seems to be becoming much more acceptable as the workwear dress codes soften. So we decided to ask a cross section of our trainer wearing clients to tell us which brands they wore to make their daily grind a little more comfortable:

When we dug a bit deeper there seemed to be three main factors that came into play … 

Colour: Muted palette such as grey, black, navy and khaki seemed to be the winners. Garish colours including bright white will probably make you stand out for all the wrong reasons!

Condition: As per a regular shoe it’s essential that your trainers are clean and in tip top condition. We all seem to have trainers varying degrees of wear and tear but let’s keep the super worn for the weekend …

Style: Retro appears to be the order of the day with discreet branding and mid depth sole. Avoid high tops as your desired choice of chino or denim is going to struggle to sit right each and every time you get up.

Tuck Or Untuck?: We highly recommend, as it’s difficult to match your belt with your trainers, whether it’s a shirt, top or knit; air on the side of the untuck.

Socks: White sport socks should be avoided at all costs. However Spring/Summer ankle socks gives chance to roll up the trouser for some much needed ankle air. Regular socks should be matched best to the trainer colour which is simple when using muted coloured trainers.

What to wear with your trainers for work? We’ve got you covered.