The Chino : 

The New Wardrobe Workhorse  for work or for casual, the line between the two is blurred as this versatile piece gets a modern makeover.

The men’s wardrobe is fast revolving around the chino. The chino gets it’s name from the cloth it’s made from; a lightweight cotton twill fabric, originally designed for British and French Military uniforms. So can withstand anything the day has to throw at the modern man.

The Fit:

We’ve gone for a modern sleek fit, because of the stretch fabric it’s possible to size up and down to achieve your desired look. Our days are so varied week to week, so overall we need to think comfort.

Our fit leaves enough room at the hem to go over a boot and does not leave too much space to show a sundry of your choice of socks for the day!


We’ve kept the colours neutral to give maximum versatility with the rest of your new ‘essentialist’ wardrobe.

Our best selling colour is the grey as its probably the one that mixes well with blacks and charcoals, as well as the blues spectrum; there are few colours that mix better than with a good charcoal. 


As a ‘super essential’ the choice seems endless to which footwear we choose. We’ve chosen our favourites based on what we wear everyday.

Weekends welcome the 973 as the fabric lends itself to movement with literally endless possibilities. The fabric washes amazingly well, retaining its shape and texture and actually get better the more they’re worn. 97% Cotton and 3% Lycra.

We’ve put together an outfit a day for your working week to get you started:

The rule of thumb with this favourite is:

Wear them : Love them : Wash them : Repeat