When you picture a business meeting what do you envision?

Let’s rewind 10 years and the answer would be in an office, suited up, around a long oval table with a presentation board at the front, right?

And now?

Fast-forward 10 years and we are sat in Costa or Starbucks.

We are scrambling for free WiFi on our phones trying to network,

interviewing over coffee or we take over the large table with a sofa,

we all get out our laptops and we let the meeting commence.

So why has the definition of a business meeting changed and why are we going to cafes?

The biggest reason is the coffee alone, in most jobs employees crave coffee as it

is a stimulant for hard work and results.

The coffee culture began to take form originally to do trade deals,

and it wasn’t long after that the creatives took advantage to get their lateral out the box mindset flowing.

There has been a strong connection between work and coffee for decades.

More so now, free WiFi is up there with why we go to cafes.

We can be out of the office yet still be connected face to face and online.

We sit for hours on the free WiFi as we are made to feel at home.

An absolute haven for entrepreneurs and the self employed with no rent and a free meeting place.

It’s no surprise a man of business could spend hours in a cafe and reap the results.

Productivity can increase drastically outside the office,

just being beyond your four office or home walls can inspire, motivate and generate.

Coffee Culture is good for business.

We are less worried about having our top button done up and our tie perfectly aligned for a meeting.

We have stopped taking everything so seriously and have adopted the smart casual approach to life and dress.

Feeling more relaxed in what we are wearing as you are made to feel at home,

relaxes the body and mind, and keeps you focused on what’s important; your connection.

So what can you wear to a business meeting in a coffee house?

Our Business + Pleasure Collection is hand picked just for the occasion.

• Pair our navy pin stripe shirt with a navy cardigan and navy or charcoal chino and you are good to go.

• Try our black or charcoal chino with stretch, our best fitting white shirt (choose from 8 collar styles) and our charcoal crew neck knit.

• Go ahead and match our raw jean with our oxford shirt and comfy stretch navy jersey blazer for extreme comfort.

Join the smarter choice and step out of the office.

Mix Business + Pleasure and begin enjoying life again.