In the grand scheme of our busy lives, clothing comes way down the list. However, get it right and you really are set to face anything life throws at us. We’ve got enough on our plates these days that choosing what you wear everyday shouldn’t be one of them.

Fundamentally we believe in great design, premium fabrics and affordable pricing; for us it’s the way it should be. We’ve chosen not to supply retailers, passing on their profits to our customers. So you are essentially getting designer quality but for about half the price.


 Firstly, we need to control part of the issue … the current wardrobe. Research suggests we only use around 20% of our clothes. So really, to let the new in, we need to let go of the past. As people we are useless when it comes to too much choice, from restaurant menus to picking a film to watch, to rails of clothes, we actually end up feeling like walking away for fear of making the wrong choice and missing out. So less is more.

We’ve partnered with the British Heart Foundation to help our clients donate their unwanted clothes and give them the second chance in somebody else’s wardrobe.

When attacking the normally cramped rail, usually consisting of garments facing different directions and on different hangers, pull them out; if the feeling of joy is lacking then it’s out.

Warning : Do not keep unwanted clothes for your ‘comfies’ or for the gardening moment, you deserve more than how you will feel and look. We will sort your lounge wear out later. 

If you’re overwhelmed then face the challenge by asking what do I actually need? Not want, but need.

All the ‘unwanteds’ go into the British Heart Foundation bags and then decide which way you would like to donate; collection or deliver.

The key to a wardrobe of less clothes is to be able to create outfits with ease and to get the most out of them.

Our user guide is to:

Wear them | Love them | Wash them | Repeat

To stop overbuying in the first place let’s look into the psychology behind why we keep buying clothes.

We open our wardrobes to masses of clothes, usually unorganized and we become over faced with choice. In fact too much choice that we come to the conclusion that we have nothing to wear:


We buy more clothes from the stores whose rails are merchandised into outfits on nice hangers and all colour matching. Ringing any bells?

We get home and within a wash and a week the clothes are buried deep within the already cramped wardrobe. 

Your washing pile builds up as you apparently have loads of clothes left in your wardrobe, to then realise that you actually want to wear whats in the washing basket … the same clothes that you wear every day. You go to your wardrobe and repeat step 1. So have less and get more efficient with your laundry.

Then what do we do? We buy more clothes!

So are we ready to begin and break this cycle? With most of our clients it is all about your working life and downtime. Even with so many variants involved there are several factors at the heart of the essentialist’s wardrobe.


The comments we get from our client are;
“You seem to to do the colours we all wear everyday”

They’re right, we stick to our favourite colours: Navy, white, grey and black. We do run other colours but more for a highlight moment. The neatrals are the colors that are seriously versatile and match up easily. They are timeless and season-less.

We cannot stress this enough, any garment that you buy needs to be well designed and washes well. No time for running to the dry cleaners every 5 minutes or having to hand wash items etc. It’s best to opt for natural fibers.


No not yours … the clothes.You see, the heavier the garment, the more likely it’s not going to see light of day for most of the year. Also you will find when you finally wear that heavy knitwear you’ll need to take it off the moment your in your favourite cosy bar, store or restaurant for fear of overheating. We like to focus on lighter products which are great for layering, subject to the temperatures.


We’ve always strived to have the best fitting essentials but it does obviously depend on what you feel comfortable in; and we don’t mean logos/branded goods.

For us, discretion is key and we feel the same rule applies to business, we’d avoid anything too logo orientated.


So what is expensive? Anything that sits in your wardrobe never to be worn is expensive. For us it’s about cost per wear.

“I own a couple of really expensive jackets but I must have worn them over 500 times and they’re set to last as long as I do, so for me they are great value.”

Footwear is another, choose well and you’re best buying classic styling and colours; look after them and they’ll be a great investment.

So this is where we step in, we help our clients create a working wardrobe of clothes that do what they should do … be worn. Our user guide to our essentials is wear them, love them, wash them and repeat. Do not save them for ‘best’. For us everyday should be your best day.

So let’s see how we helped one of our essentialists:

A client of ours, Jon, Is a CEO within the digital industry and found himself with the dilemma of what to wear each day. He had ditched the suit and found himself wearing, in his own words, his ‘good gear’. He felt conscious of wearing designerwear with logos as it may give people the wrong impression. He’d search for well fitting quality items but struggled and found himself in endless changing rooms with unhelpful staff. Getting fed up with the whole process, a friend recommended us, so we came up with and provided him with a full working week wardrobe.

Jon’s Working Week 

19 garments at £684.90!

    1. 973 Stretch Chino in Sand £45
    2.  973 Stretch Chino in Charcoal £45
    3. 973 Stretch Chino in Navy £45
    4. Rider Jean in Raw Denim £45
    5. Warrior Cargo in Airforce Blue £49
    6. Warrior Cargo in Khaki £49
    7. Oxo Shirt in Blue £39
    8. Oxo Shirt in White £39
    9. Oxford Shirt in Denim £45
    10. Classic Spread in White £35
    11. Grandad Shirt in White £35
    12. Quarter Zip in Grey Marl £45
    13. Hasker Crew in Navy £45
    14. Regent Cardigan in Navy £35
    15. Zippo Cardigan in Navy £45
    16. Hasker Crew in Charcoal £45
    17. Neat Polo in White £25
    18. Sweat Crew in Grey Marl £35
    19. Brushed Crew Tee in White £15

10% Off When Purchasing 3 Items Or More

The result: Jon actually wears sands most of the week, he feels he can relax knowing it washes well and has still got money to treat himself and wife to a few luxuries.

Oh Yes!  He also wears Simon + Simon well into the weekend, even when he’s driving his newly delivered Mclaren!

If you require help and would like to chat personally, contact us to today at

[email protected]