Mind + Set

Mind + Set

We’ve noticed that everyone seems to be pushed to go to the gym yet honestly none of us seem to have time. Our mantra of ‘Spend less, live more’ encourages us to want to spend less time living in the gym and making more time for what’s important. Now we are not saying you should not work out, in fact we are actually saying the opposite. The most vital responsibility to maintain is your health so we know how important it is to stay in shape. We’ve looked into how we can exercise and keep fit whilst making time for loved ones and achieving our goals and we would like to share or recommendations.

We are loving Olly Murs’ transformation from self admitted unhealthy eater to lean machine for his new UK arena tour. He spent 3 days a week with personal trainer Rob Sulley to lose his belly fat. Olly would do press ups, sit ups, burpies, sprints and running. Now Olly looks and feels great with the help of exercises that can be done in and around the home. Check out Olly’s amazing transformation here.

As we get older we have more responsibility and exercising seems to be more and more daunting as our bodies deteriorate. Our role model for keeping fit when you are 40 has got to be Hugh Jackman. Showcasing his hard work off as ‘Wolverine’ he breaks any limitation on age and fitness. His personal trainer Michael Ryan says doing lifts and bench press’ only can cause serious problems later on in life. Instead he emphasises that your mobility as you grow older is most important and you must work to maintain this with Dynamic Movement Training. This form of training makes use of the body’s natural movement patterns. It was created to avoid the many mistakes of gym goers everywhere. Sticking to the same routine, ranges and reps creates no evolution of change as it is such a stagnant method. A big mistake commonly used is making the number 10 your goal. Your body will start to slow down at 10 whereas aiming higher will see much better results exceeding your goal. It is not about appearance as physical change can take 6-8 weeks but  instead it is how you feel.

Now not everyone has the time to train as often Hugh Jackman or Zac Efron between films or Olly before his tour, so rather than chasing that no so important six pack, we need quick, get to it, work hard in short bursts sort of workouts to fit in with our lives that keep us in shape.

A brilliant way to change up your workout is variety. Greg Gassman founded a new form of exercise called CrossFit. An exercise so popular they created The CrossFit games out of it sponsored by Reebok, now in their 5th year. What is CrossFit? Exercise that is constantly varied, high in intensity and consists of functional movement. One example of CrossFit, which we love, is The Fran Workout. Get your stopwatch ready because this is all about time. Complete the workout, record your time, then try and beat it. The workout: 21 barbell thrusters, 21 pull ups, 15 barbell thrusters, 15 pull ups, 9 barbell thrusters and 9 pull ups. Fran is a litmus test that provides a constantly measurable progress of fitness. Both fun and competitive this is one to get involved with. Train fast, train strong.

Similarly we are big fans of Insanity too. Combing bodyweight exercises with martial arts and plyometrics. I short these are made into series of quick, high intensity workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. No hefty gym membership required, no posing in the mirror or using your time socialising. This is not caring what you look like, not caring who's watching and exceed your comfort zone. 3-5 minute blocks created by Shaun T so you can get done and get on with your day.

Another recommendation to check out is FOCUS T25!

What if I’m new to parenthood and don’t always get chance to exercise?
We’ve discovered the perfect tips for you from ASKMEN.COM ‘The Dad Bod Project’ on how to balance fatherhood and fitness. Read their full article here.
Take advantage of you new body clock and workout when you can, whether that be the middle of the night or early morning.
Incorporate working out into your daily routine, for example, cycle to work or load up a heavy backpack for your commute.
Exercise in short stints and when you do manage to make it to the gym make your time count.
Use your newborn as weight, after a few reps or lifting your child you will feel the burn, plus they will love it.
Turn your home into a gym, or maybe just your garage?
Tag team with your partner so you can both stay in shape.

What clothes do you train in?
No need to fork out on an expensive exercise outfit that you’ll be worried to wear working out. Here at Simon + Simon we have kept it very simple. We do a complete track outfit in navy, grey and black that is extremely soft to touch, tapered in all the right places to show off your hard work and has enough stretch to never feel limitation the exercising.